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There are many ways to describe Blaze: unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, she is real. Blaze sings honestly and from the soul combining art, story and song in perfect unison.

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Baltimore Maryland-born Natalie Michelle, better known as “BLAZE” started her career in entertainment at an early age studying ballet and jazz dance.


By her freshman year at Fallstaff Middle School, BLAZE was playing the trombone for the school’s jazz band and continued until she graduated. While attending Northwestern and Oakland Mill High School, she sang in the high school choir as well as wrote poetry, which has been published in the school books at Northwestern High School.


BLAZE professes “Music has always been a lifeline for me. It has always restored me from the brokenness in my life.” BLAZE has been a song writer with ASCAP since 1995 and has written over twenty-five songs, recorded over seven CD’s as well as numerous song demos. Her jazz-fueled voice and sultry songcraft has earned her acclaim from Maryland, Washington D.C. , Virginia, North and South Carolina, to Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Georgia as well as Texas.


In 1996 BLAZE decided to add more paths to her entertainment career and began acting. She can be seen on NBC’s television series ‘Homicide Life On the Streets’ , Episode 20 ‘The Damage Is Done.’ In 1998 BLAZE decided to take her acting craft more serious and began acting school in Atlanta, GA, which launched her into a panoramic of co-star and supporting roles. The five octave vocal range of BLAZE has made a magnetic impact in the underground music market which has greatly bolstered her flourishing career in the mainstream music market. In 2018 BLAZE was invited to the MGM Grand Las Vegas to personally sing for the CEO of Essence, Richelieu Dennis at the Power Players event.

Currently, BLAZE is in college earning a degree in Music Recording with a certified specialization in Audio Engineering.



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